“100,000 Index Cards” – Bible Backgrounds S1E2

Who is Craig Keener?

How does a new convert to Christianity become one of the most prolific New Testament scholars today? Dr. Kurt Jaros sits down with Dr. Craig Keener to track his journey. Dr. Keener describes his desire early on to cram the Bible and catch up with his peers. It also led him to discover his need to know the background of the Bible and share that knowledge with others.

How many index cards did it take for Dr. Keener to complete his doctorate? 100,000.

0:00 Intro

1:01 Cramming Christianity

4:55 The Road to College

9:06 The Need for a Bible Background

14:52 Studying the Background of Ancient Judaism

16:22 Calling the Church back to the Scriptures

17:25 Index for the Commentary

19:15 ADHD

20:20 Scripture: The way God gave it to us

22:46 Outro

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