Craig’s video series on Matthew

In a series of roughly hour-long FREE videos, Craig lectures on Matthew’s Gospel. Here is a CLIP of the first couple minutes (not perfect filming conditions or the nicest-looking professor,to whom the camera turns after the opening seconds, but hey, it’s free!):

The series is available for viewing free at:

Ted Hildebrandt filmed me for videos on Matthew, Acts, and Romans for the purpose of making these available free for ministers in parts of the world where in-class education was unavailable. Others can watch them for free also, of course. It’s sort of like taking me for class, but with fewer jokes, no evaluated assignments, and you don’t get any class credit! It’s also harder to know in advance where to skip around on the videos than it is using my commentary. But again: the video is free, so feel free to forward it to many people’s attention.

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