God’s precious Word—Ps 119:82, 86-88

There are many reasons to treasure words from God. Just in a few verses of Psalm 119, we can get a sample.

  • God’s Word (in context) brings comfort (Psalm 119:82)
  • God’s commandments are faithful, a Hebrew idea related to truth and trustworthiness, in contrast to the lies brought against God’s servant (119:86)
  • We must hold to God’s precepts despite opposition (119:87)
  • In addition to why we treasure God’s Word, we pray for God to revive us so that we may continue to obey what God has said (119:88).

We could elaborate on each of these points, and praying through the entire psalm supplies yet further motivation. In brief, this psalm reminds us why God’s Word is so important to us, and why we honor the God who gave it by observing it.

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