God’s Presence

Christians don’t have to strive for God’s presence any more than we have to strive to be God’s children or one another’s brothers or sisters. The Spirit already lives in us if we trust in Christ (e.g., John 14:23; Romans 8:9; Galatians 4:6).

Yet some live their lives completely unconscious of God’s presence except as a doctrine. They need to live their lives in light of that doctrine.

Being aware of God’s presence doesn’t make something untrue come true. But it does make all the difference in our lives. (Somewhat analogously, there is a difference between affirming that my wife is a nice person and me spending time with her enjoying her niceness.)

The Spirit makes us aware of God’s presence, reminding us that He is with us. The Spirit energizes a faith that goes beyond mere affirmation to active embrace of the reality of God’s presence. If you long for that, you need only begin to ask. 1od has promised never to turn away one who seeks for the Spirit (Luke 11:13).

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