Luke’s Preface

Whatever may be said of the preface’s style, the content it promises for the work is telling. A good introduction should summarize what is to follow, and Luke’s summary of what will follow is explicitly historical; “an orderly narrative of the things fulfilled among us” (Luke 1:1, 3). Likewise, his explicit purpose is to confirm what Theophilus has learned about such events (1:4). “Given this statement of the question,” Callan points out, “it is almost obvious that the preface of Luke-Acts most resembles the prefaces of histories” in terms of content. Various scholars point to a conglomeration of language in Luke’s preface familiar from other historical prefaces. (Even Loveday Alexander, who has contended that the Gospel preface resembles a scientific preface, allows that the work may be historiography, but of the more scientific, less rhetorical kind.)

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