“On the Road to Total Insanity” – Bible Backgrounds S1E1

Who is Craig Keener?

In this inaugural episode of Bible Backgrounds, host Dr. Kurt Jaros sits down with Dr. Craig Keener to hear his testimony. Dr. Keener began his spiritual journey as an avid atheist who found himself confounded by the writings of Plato. How did Plato and a street evangelist who believed that dinosaurs were a scheme of the devil lead to Dr. Keener’s heart opening to God? Watch and find out for yourself!

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0:00 Intro

1:04 Upbringing

3:48 Dr. Keener and Plato

6:20 Dr. Keener considers the Possibility of God

8:45 Dr. Keener has Christ Shared with Him

14:18 Feeling God’s Presence

17:00 Beginning in Christ

23:33 Outro

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