Profit prophets—not me!

Someone on one of my other social media platforms complained, “i looked to buy your books on miracals and i saw over 50 dollars that is no way to show the world that miracals are real my prayers go out to you.” (Meaning, I think, “May God have mercy on your soul.”)

So I do want to be clear for anyone who isn’t aware of this: publishers, not authors, set the price of books. Yes, the 1100-page book on miracles costs more than $50, not least because it is a lot of paper. But the author receives only a small proportion of the price of a book published by a major publisher (which, unlike the author, has the ability to distribute it well).

At my request, thousands of copies of the first edition of my background commentary were sold en masse so that I received about 20¢ a copy, because I wanted to make the resource widely available.

My new, shorter book on miracles is about $18 at Amazon.

I waived ALL my royalties on this book, pre-donating all of them to medical missions and programs that feed needy children. On my other books where I receive royalties, I use most of those royalties to donate books, the majority of them to Theological Book Network and a couple other projects that send the books to Majority World libraries or for seminary graduations there. (They have means to ship in bulk, unlike me.)

All that to say, I’m laying up most of my treasure in heaven!

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