Review of Acts commentary

I haven’t previously posted or linked to reviews of my Acts commentary on this site because I have seen the commentary as serving especially technical readers, but this review by Matthew Sleeman helps give me some ideas for a broader audience. Also, its language is accessible (unlike more technical reviews) but most readers will not find it in some of the expected locations); Matthew and Oak Hill gave me permission to reproduce it here, for those who are interested in it:

Matt Sleeman commentary review-7-2015

I don’t want to set a precedent here, though, since mostly I am posting Bible studies (for edification) and seminary-related cartoons (for entertainment). And Acts is one of my more technical and expensive books. (I don’t set the prices, but as my publishers remind me, I am the one who writes the long books. With the final volume of Acts due out within the next couple months, however, I should have some shorter books coming out next year: The Mind of the Spirit (focusing on the theme of the mind in Paul’s letters); and, still shorter and less technical: Impossible Love; and the NT study notes for a Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible.)

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