Struggling to get into a PhD program

There was a time when my heart and, I thought, my call were to be a scholar. But given the circumstances (my seminary was then only in the process of accreditation and I literally had almost no money) getting into a PhD program from which I could find a teaching position seemed like it would take a miracle. At the time (1986, over three decades ago) I promised God that someday, if I did become a scholar, I would let others who were struggling toward that goal (or other callings) know that I had once been where they were. God’s ways are not our ways, but God is faithful in bringing about his purposes. I attach the following cartoon about me and the generic Dr. Brano [Braino], from 1986, just to show the fears and anxieties I had at the time, and to celebrate the memory of God’s faithfulness. (As always, pardon the quality of my artwork …)

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