The unexpected God

God comes in ways we don’t expect, for example:

  • A chosen nation descended from a couple unable to have children (Abraham and Sarah)
  • A deliverer of his family initially scorned, nearly killed and ultimately sold into slavery by his own older brothers (Joseph)
  • Another deliverer initially rejected and often resisted by his own people (Moses)
  • A line of scorned and rejected prophets, culminating in a rejected Messiah
  • The true deliverer and ruler of humanity, first executed by them as a criminal on the accusation of dishonoring the emperor by claiming to be king
  • Even today, God often does more through the lowly and unseen than through what seems biggest and best to his own church (and certainly to the world)

Only the truly humble (or duly humbled) recognize and embrace his work. We dare not judge his gifts by the paper they come wrapped in. And when we’re dealing with God, we can expect the unexpected—God will work out what is best, but often not through the means that we expect.

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