Theological Innovation? – Bible Backgrounds S1E7

In this episode of Bible Backgrounds, Dr. Keener examines the Christological views of the four Gospel writers. He answers specific questions about the language used by John and Mark, and whether or not they put words in Jesus’ mouth. Dr. Keener then investigates the Gospels in light of other ancient biographical writings.


0:54 Criteria of Authenticity

1:55 Limitations of Some of the Criteria

4:47 Abuse of Dissimilarity

6:48 John: The Voice or the Words of Jesus?

14:13 Mark’s Christological View

20:46 The Historical Reliability of Ancient Bibliography

23:08 The Spectrum of the Gospels’ Historicity

29:15 A Note on Dr. Keener’s “Followers”

30:23 Outro

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