Desperate need in Mozambique

This is a prayer request. Normally I stick with Bible studies here (and Saturday cartoons for filler), because if I start posting about needs, I would never be able to post about anything else—suffering and/or death catches up with everyone sooner or later, but even in terms of genocides, many are ongoing globally. You will know from the news about the evil military regime in Myanmar right now; for the suffering of our fellow believers around the world, Open Doors is invaluable (including the killing and forced displacement of Jesus followers in northern Nigeria, close to my heart because of the months that I lived there). But one place where the suffering has been less reported, and which I am therefore posting links about right now, is northern Mozambique (for limited information, see BBC reports:; for a limited time, also If you want to send some help, one organization helping the displaced there is Iris Global (; for Mozambique, go to “Iris base locations,” and then Pemba).

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