How much is one life worth?

In light of COVID, some have asked the worth of an individual life. I’m not qualified to answer from the perspective of biochemists, information scientists, healthcare workers, or economists (poverty and hunger are also taking a toll globally). All have important information to share, and public policy debates on this, and casualty projections, are beyond my sphere of competence.

But as to how much a life is worth to God: Jesus deemed one person more valuable than 2000 pigs (Mark 5:1-20). No wealth can pay the price for a life; only God can (Ps 49:7-9, 15). There’s nothing one can give in exchange to keep one’s life for eternity (Mark 8:37)—but Jesus gave his life as a complete ransom for us (Mark 10:45).

God counted you worth the death of his Son: don’t waste the opportunity to devote your life back to him.

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