Interviewing my wife and daughter on racism

My wife, daughter and me at a peaceful local march for racial justice this weekend (and no, that’s not my beard, but a pulled-down anti-COVID mask …)

My wife and kids are originally from Congo, but they’ve now lived many years in the U.S. My wife and daughter add their thoughts to those of many others who are speaking out, regarding racism and ethnic conflicts.

These are my wife’s thoughts (13.57 minutes)

These are my daughter’s thoughts (13.35 minutes)

We recorded a much shorter one (45 seconds) in July 2019 (although you can tell we scripted it to get it down that short), but it doesn’t deal with the traumas now current or discrimination or violence against persons of color (it was just talking about people of different races and cultures listening to each other; naturally, since members of minority cultures know the wider culture better than the dominant culture knows members of minority cultures, this is especially incumbent on the dominant culture. But it requires a setting of trust, a relationship of respect and listening that allows true and heartfelt communication.)

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